Welcome to the youth with Borovets ski pass

Borovets Winter Ski Resort

Being the first ever winter resort on the map of Balkan Peninsula, Borovets claims its special attention to children and youngsters. Igniting the fire of the ski passion inside more and more young hearts every year turns out to be a mission for the Rila mountain based centre. You can see that by the growing number of ski and snowboarding schools but also there are a variety of offers to buy Borovets ski pass targeted directly to the kids and adolescents.

A child younger than 7 years gets on the lift for free. And going up there is no place lifting the age barrier so high like the oldest winter centre in the country. The upper limit of the children category is set to 13 and 364 day – two years more compared to the conditions of other winter complexes in Bulgaria. But the better part comes with the next age segment which commonly is considered adult. Anyone between 14 and 22 years old receives the opportunity to deal on Borovets lift pass on a significant discount. The option is available for any type of access to the Rila mountain resort.

The daily Borovets ski pass costs 55 BGN (28 Euro) on a regular price, but for skiers which are supposed to be in the high school or in the university, it drops down to 40 BGN (20 Euro). The difference is huge and is obvious in other examples too – a card for the week for an adult is 325 BGN (165 Euro), while for users between 14 and 22 the value for 7 days is 234 BGN (less than 120 Euro)!

The categories 7-13 and 14-22 are on the same price tag when it comes to a seasonal Borovets lift pass. The regular number for the whole winter is set to 1000 BGN (just above 500 Euro), while for children and adolescents it is significantly lower – 700 BGN.


Comfort comes with flexibility

Borovets Lift Pass

The special offer from the Rila mountains resort this winter is the seasonal card for weekdays – 500 BGN (250 Euro) for the access to the slopes on any given Monday, Wednesday or Friday, including the night skiing. Here comes another compliment for the youth – the-all winter no-weekend Borovets ski pass cost only 300 BGN to anyone below the age of 22! The oldest winter centre sends the message to the youngsters, the university students.

Another flexible option this season comes with the Borovets lift pass for 6 non-sequential days. The price is 310 BGN, 10 more than more than the number for six days in a row. But living in Sofia or Plovdiv and skiing occasionally makes sense to it. Have in mind that this card is not allowed to be used two days in a row.

Coming from abroad you might want to check for accommodationBalkan Holidays offer some of the best offers. There are great opportunities for family vacations too with the Borovets ski pass with a 20 percent discount from the regular price for regardless of the time span.

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