Why all-inclusive deals on the Balkans worth the booking


Probably you wouldn’t think of Montenegro all-inclusive reservation after getting across the headline. “Oh, it’s about Greece!” No, it isn’t about Greece, which is a whole lot of sub-continent by itself – not by the size, but in terms of the capacity for summer tourism. More like all-inclusive Croatia pros and cons or something in that vein. A comparison in brief between Western Balkans and the all-inclusive holidays in Bulgaria, for instance.




The dazzling beauty of the shores. Warm water for one-third of the year and a coastline 1800 km long. Amazing towns like Dubrovnik, a place mixing the history and the modern hype for… ancient spirited fairytales. Great food, especially seafood. Hundreds of villages and resorts available. Everything mentioned shouts loud to pick all-inclusive deals to Croatia. Except for the price that is most of the time not that far from the western standards but thanks to Balkan Holidays everybody has the chance to find an affordable suit or room.



Once again Adriatic allure familiar to Croatia. Cheaper accommodation compared to that neighbor. The scenery is even more fascinating because of the mountains washing their footsteps into the sea. The nice restaurants and the overall atmosphere point to all-inclusive Montenegro deals big time. But the coastline occurs to be a lot shorter and harder in terms of accessibility because of the hilly landscape. And the number of resorts is relatively small.




Rocky beaches prevail in the Western Balkans and fine sands are all around the strips of the Black Sea. Bulgaria all-inclusive options are definitely cheaper than the same category in Croatia and Montenegro. The beauty of nature makes people fall in love with it and the sea welcomes with a warm embrace. Some would love it for being really loud at resorts like Sunny Beach, some would hate it for the same reason.


While we can point with the determination what’s the best destinations for package holidays on the Balkans, it wouldn’t be a lie to claim that there is no wrong choice in it.

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